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Well I have always been fascinated with amphibians Funny that I don't currently own any though. I remember when I was about 4 we moved into a trailer on this old dirt road. There were plenty of trees behind it, with tons of trails and such. On the other side of the road was the same, but it was owned by some horse breeders so they cleared a lot of it for pasture, but left all the creek area alone. The creek ran from thier side of the road to ours via a water duct and filled up this "pond" right by my house.

Now, both of my parents have thier fears: my mom hates frogs and my dad hates snakes. Go figure! So of course I had to scare the pants off of them at every given opportunity, right? I used to go to that little pond and flip over rocks. I found so many salamanders and frogs I would spend hours there every day. I used to bring them home all of the time and would keep them for a little while then let them go back in the pond. I have always feared snakes though. Even still I cannot understand thier body language and seem to make them mad when I hold them. So when I was little I used to tell my dad how much I wanted to learn about them and that I was scared but wanted to be brave he used to look for garters for me, trying to put on a brave face for his little girl....white knuckles and gritting teeth he would find them and hold them for me. Hahahahaha kids always play thier parents!

Then I met Tim. That was the most pivotal point in my herp life. I always loved reptiles, but had no idea that you could go into a pet store and "buy" one as a pet. Or that you could buy crickets to feed them! Tim had always kept something and when we first met he had anolis. (low maintenance, but fun cause he was in college and didn't have too much spare time) I used to watch them a lot and started to read lots of reptile books. I remember looking through one book and coming across a pic of a leopard gecko. I fell in love and told Tim that I wnated to get one. I hummed and hawed for a good 3 or 4 months, not wanting to spend $100 at the pet store, plus the cage and stuff. Then Tim came home one day, about a week before my b-day and asked my if I still wanted one. I said or course and he told me he had just bought a 33 for me and that he also bought me a leo from our best pet store. I was so excited I didn't want to wait to bring it home, so we picked her up the next day! Now I have quite the collection of them and never get bored. Many people think they are beginner reptiles and that only an amatuer would still keep them, or breed them for that matter, but BAH!!! They are fascinating non the less and I will always keep them. I am always learning something new with them and love every moment. Sure, I have other reptiles, but leos are my true love I guess Next of course would be our turtles and tortoises

That's about it though. Blame's all his fault!

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