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I've never used to be a big fan of snakes, but boy did i love lizards and toads growing up. I remember going down to the country (rocky and lots of hills and trees). Catching blue racersand collard lizards, i remember asking my mom why thier tails fell off (as i was crying cause i thought i really hurt one, ahhh those were the days.) My grandpa also had a nice pond that had TONS of toads in it along with a few fish. I would go out their just watching the toads for hours on end, and of course catching, playing then releasing them back. It never failed, anytime my grandpa would show me a snake i would take off running. Don't know why cause i would always have to be the first to hold a lizard, toad, or frog.

Originally posted by ~Suntiger~
I can't wait to be the eccentric aunt once my sister starts having kids lol.
HAHA my nephews call me Aunt Freak, (they have since i was 18)... cause of my tattoos and now all my reptiles. Everytime i see 2 of my nephews they BEG me to come up so they can see my herps. It's great knowing i have a huge influence of them. The youngest one loves getting snake skins from me i think his collection is up to 5 skins. then his older brother (12) always askes me tons of questions and he shares the information that he reads. It's great knowing that they may help me inform the rest of my family that herps are GOOD!!!!
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