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Hmm were to start.... Ok if natural selection causes evolution, then that must mean that the process of evolution is slow and gradual. That being so, why do we not see these gradual changes in the fossil record? Even Darwin saw this problem but he just gave the lame excuse that the fossil record is terribly incomplete. With Natural Selection being the cause of evolutionary change, that would mean that speciation would occur thorought this slow process and therefore some form of transitional stage between species would exist in the fossil record but that is not the case.

Another problem with Natural Selection causing evolutionary change is how does it account for complex structures such as the eye and wing. What would be the first use of the wing, it wouldnt be flying because that wouldnt be gradual. Darwin recognized these problems again, alonog with others. He writes about them in his book Origin of Species, I think the chapter is called "Problems with the theory".

There is so much to say about evolution and no doubt that this thread has gone astray because of me Look at some work by Stephan J Gould. If you like I just wrote a essay about evolution, PM me and then I can email it to you if you like or anyone else. Then if you have anymore questions I can direct you to some good readings.

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