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PETA is an insideous danger to freedom. They want to take all of our rights to keep animals and even eat animals. If PETA had their way none of us would even be able to drink milk or eat eggs. Animals are my lifes great passion, but we need to use LOGIC when it comes to promoting conservation NOT EMOTION. These people know absolutely nothing about reptiles, yet they fight tooth and nail to take our right to keep these animals. Does anyone think that Pam Anderson or any of their other cronies have read any hard literature on reptile biology and husbandry needs? Have they ever observed how reptiles are kept in a caring keepers collection? Does anybody honestly think that this band of terrorists and hollywood brats would even dream of going out into the field to actually observe these animals in their natural habitat? Then why do they take it upon themselves to campaign so vigorously about something that they know nothing about? It's repulsive and ignorant. PETA IS THE ENEMY OF FREEDOM.
~ Tad Wood ~

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