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Originally posted by Dragoon
skinheaddave, you will understand what I'm getting at. Major bickering, lying and hostility.
I know exaclty what you are talking about. I have run into more nastiness in the online monitor world than anywhere else. If it weren't for the fact that monitors are so amazing, I probably would have been completely turned off them by the attitudes of some people. That being said, I have also run into some truely wonderful people who are willing to share their experiences and listen to yours.

The invert world is definitely a lot better. There is some bickering among some of the top people, but they definitely keep it to themselves. There is, however, seemingly more of a willingness to help out newbies, as it were. Part of that, perhaps, is that there is so little that is actually known about inverts in general. I have seen people join arachnoboards with the standard "got my first scorpion" post and within six months they can easily deal with 95% of the questions that come up. With reptiles, it takes a lot longer to gain that sort of competence, because the bar is so much higher -- or maybe I don't have a clue and am just blabbering on about nonsense.

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