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come to think of it i should be afraid of reptiles. when i was 3 my parents brought me into the desert on vacation. they heard a rattle and started to go look for the snake. so they were bringing me through the desert and i was so afaid i was shaking. i just wanted to go back i was in tears and everything. and we never found the snake.

Second experience was when i was 4 i got the tip of my almost taken off by a big common snapper

and later on that year i finally got up the courage to go pick up a garter snake. and ofcourse it bites me. but after all childhood crap i got over it when i was about 5. than i caught lots of garters and kept one as a pet for a while. than got a corn snake, than a ball python, than a ribbon snake, than a rough green snake than lampros and just took off from there.
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