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I just find them so incredibly facinating..basically the same as you crotalus..Whenever i see any reptile anywhere i just want to grab it and see what kind it is or just look at it for a little..My first snake encounter in the wild was not to long ago..up at my cottage i saw a garter snake and that just made me love the animals even more.

Since all this reptile/exotic pet owning my life has changed quite a bit. My new "dream" i guess you could say is wanting to go to somewhere like australia or africa to field herp with a friend or something. Just something i would almost die for, the experience to see beutiful creatures..up here in toronto you cant really see much at all, except an occasional toad

So basically i keep them because, at the present moment, im not able to go and see them in the keeps me close to the species, right in my own house
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