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Well Actually I already know how to grow sphagnum. its pretty simple actually
It would also be very simple to build my own ecosystem too. I'm pretty versed on how to grow all kinds of plants and vegatables, Shagnum is a sand plant I think its even classified as carniverous and I think I spelled that wrong. All I need is a large under bed rubbermaid container (preferably some nice bog water too) Some water and some sand to grow it in. Get a little moving water, keep some nice UV to encourage alge growth and aeraiton helps but not necessary. If I wanted to get things moving I could add some fish and some water plants like lillys or something. Bam instant eco system in a box. But I think I just need UV sand water and live spahgnum.

Growing plants can actually be as fun as raising snakes. If your into that kind of thing.
Snakes? I just like to teraform!
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