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Snobbery...pffffft. There is a young lady that works near me, and runs part of the reptile section of her employer. I went in for feeder fish for my garters (and crickets for a toad), and she tried to give me a run down on how to feed my snakes...heh. "I know plenty about snakes" she says, "I can help you out, I own 3 snakes and am very experienced in keeping them. I started out 2 years ago...." She went on to add how she only buys "common" herps with good credentials and that are a higher cost (assuming they would be better animals).

So..I asked her if she had happen to know how much the anoles are..."Not sure, are you interested. You know your snakes wont eat them?" I says "Sure, I need to scent pinkies for a few neonate Crotes I have at home and it has been to cold out to catch wild Sceloporus and Urosaurus to use" A blank stare took her face...

She just assumed since I mentioned garters, that I was just keeping some common snakes I found in by backyard and just kept them a glass jar at home, and that she could try to pass her abundant amount of worthless information on to me. So now she and some of her co-workers bug me weekly about how big my boas are, and what I will do when they reach 20 ft. If I use my rattlesnakes for skins and belts...etc etc etc.....

All in all, I get the most flack from the folks that just started out with a few common herps and automatically firgure they are the next MK.... To me, the more experienced folk tend to be a bit wiser on how they address other folks and herpers. I keep some common herps along with some not so common, and simply get what I prefer to have. It would be nice to see more folks follow the same route, and not feel as if they are in a popular contest race for the "Best Herper Award."
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