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Being experienced doesn't have to mean you work only with leucistic Boelens and albino blackheads.

I'm one of less than 6 herpers globally that have captively produced schneiders skinks. I also still breed Ocellated skinks, and in the past few years, have bred flying geckos, crocodile geckos and Bibron geckos, simply because I wanted to.
These animals have a near zero wholesale value.
This year I hope to produce my first House snakes, because as odd as it sounds, mine failed to produce in 03.
Are you laughing yet?
2004 will mark my 25th year of breeding reptiles.(with no years off)
You don't have to get caught up in ONLY the "high end" to enjoy herpetology, and mark your tenure.
The thrill should come from seeing stuff hatch, and finding new babies in a cage. For me that's what it's all about. The price should have no real bearing on the sure thrill one can get from captive breeding.
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