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I have noticed this problem myself as well to some degree.

My main love is kingsnakes. Now, they might be cheap, etc. But you must keep what you love the most. But often people don't even want to see or talk about my kings because they are just kings. Frankly, if I have my choice between a foreign GTP, or a native kingsnake who can kill a rattler, I am picking king! LOL. But because the "market" has put a cheap price on them and because they are so available, they are less desireable.

If kingsnakes laid only 2-4 eggs, suddenly, all use king/corn keepers would be on the other side. I believe most people truely do love what they keep but I feel what people want and love is HIGHLY dictated by others in the hobby. If something is desireable to big breeders, suddenly its desirable to everyone else in some cases.

When judging someones experience level I take lots into account. Some say numbers don't matter but I feel they most certainly do, numbers/and or years keeping. Someone with one corn just can't possibly have as large a range to draw info off of as someone who keeps 50. Just the way it is. BUT this has to go hand in hand with years of keeping and other types of experience. Someone may own 50 corns for a year, and another person owns 4 for ten years, I am talking to both but probably listening to the 4 for ten years.

Sucess over the long term, general knowledge and proper researching ,etc is what makes me decide if someone is novice or not.

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