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I too have encountered a snobbish attitude towards the "cheapie" snakes. I find myself slightly insulted when people care to inform me, that the would not waste their time on $20 snakes. I can understand if you are a breeder and rely on "high end" herps to keep yourself afloat, but for average keepers that's not an excuse.

I keep a lot of corns, but I'm not a barely hatched herper. They're just one of the species I really really enjoy having. I have other more "experienced required herps", but they're all snakes, and I love them all!

Take a look at the large corn breeders in the states. They work almost exclusively with corns, but no one would say, they are novices.

Just like all things, people like to pat themselves on the back and think they are "elite" b/c they keep rare indo/australian pythons, or bamboo ratsnakes or mangove snakes or glow in the dark snakes.

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