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Attitude towards "commoners"

I was wondering what experiences people had with attitudes towards keepers of "common" herps? I have found myself on both ends of some pretty short-sighted behaviour.

When I first mention my savannah monitor, I find that experienced herpers tend to assume that I am keeping it incorrectly. I realize that this is statistically probable, but I still find that I have to go into my enclosure size, substrate choice, temperature gradient, diet etc. Even then, people usualy aren't convinced until they come and see my setup and monitor.

On the flip-side, I find that I am guilty of the same assumptions with people who keep green iguanas. I also find that when someone mentions corn snakes or leopard geckos (or even beardies these days) I automatically think "novice" in my head -- until I find out that they are knowledgable etc.

Anyhow, it is something I have been thinking about recently and trying to fight against in my own mind.

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