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OK,thanks for all of your input..It was so long ago that she seems fine with it now, but as was mentioned,who knows if he's still doing it... I am going to try to talk her into it.... I dont care at all of the family reputation at all either....V. hb, I've been wanting to speak with you about it for awhile but you havn't been online when I have lately.. The most important thing to me about it now is that she's ok with it, but it makes me sick to think of someone (especially a family member) doing something so terrible...She says that her family used to think they were just really good cousins which brings a tear to my eye... He may come to her house for christmas, and if he does that may be the time I call the police, or I may wait until after so it doesn't spoil the rest of the family's holidays... I can call it in as an anonymous 3rd party correct?? This has been running through my head constantly for the last few days and I'm hoping I can convince her to take some action..The only problem is she's pretty shy (could be from the experience) and she wont really even go into detail with me what he's done, she's just given subtle hints, so I can guess the rest.
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