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Even the most consciensious people can get virii. I've currently got that damn blaster 32 worm and it just wont budge.. oh well, i'm due to reformat my laptop soon anyhow.. just waiting to see if i got that new hard drive for christmas!

anyways, sorry to hijack the thread.. good luck! I know with windows 2k and XP, the Install needs to be done in a 32 bit environment.. (i.e. no installing from DOS).what I usually do is blow away the whole hard drive, then throw on a copy of windows 95 or 98, basic install which only takes about 5 minutes, then once in the windows environment, put in the win2k disk and install the OS overtop win9x. Hope I don't sound too complicated.. Also, someone tell me if there is an easier way to install XP on a blank hard drive.
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