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Angry #&%@&!*@

Okay, where to start...
Well, I had my site up before but all of a sudden it started loading funny... like it would keep trying to load a certain page over and over again.
Eventually, I remade the site (same format, but from scratch) and the SAME problem is there! I figured out that the problem is in the frames (I'm so smart... hah) because each of the pages individually work, and it keeps trying to load the page that is in the left frame (even though its already loaded).
So now I'm at a loss. I've remade the frame code several times and the problem still exists. I've also taken a code directly from a functioning and the whole thing went haywire. When I tried these codes in geocities, they worked fine.
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had encountered this before or perhaps knew how to avoid the problem?

My site is if you want to check it out, by the way. It doesn't work, but you'll see how it keeps loading over and over and over....

Anyway, I'd very much appreciate any help given and would be forever in debt to anyone who knew how to fix this frustrating problem.

Thank you
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