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Alls I can say is that even the people that treated him with respect were treated as they didn't IMHO. To reply in reguards to the other post I do not hate you Alex, never said I did & never disrespected you on open forum, you on the other hand did not extend the same common courtesy to me. I took a lighthearted politically correct approach to the whole misuse of images thing when I contacted you privately only to be scorned & then moreso even on open forum. The attitude you presented when faced with constructive criticism was extremely negative, as was some of the others that should have been trying to help you. You however fail to lisen to what people say & have a habit of repeating yourself. Example being having contacted me 3 different occasssions for the same answers about the same snakes & also involving others at the other end of the country to waste their & my time again with the same questions that had already been answered 3 times over. The whole FU attitude doesn't fly with me & your hotheadedness has already seriously affected your rep in the herp world. We all need to relax when it comes to opinions that are different than ours as every one has its own valid points. Anyhow Alex good luck & don't get in over your head. In the future consider the outcomes of your reactions a little more seriously. And to all those who like to ridicule & scorn based on spelling, grammer, etc. not everyone in the whole world grew up schooled in fluent english. Canada is a bilingual multinational country ya all. Its the people that assume that every one here is english & start bashing that look like the fools to me. Ya know what they say about the word assume. Mark I.
P.S. Vanan, I do agree with you, but not nessicarily in this case. Katt can show you all the things I said to him privately & everyone in the world can see the rest. Bridge is still burned here.
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