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You could look at it that way, you could say that since this research almost erases or renders obsolete the previously accepted distinction between so called "venomous" and "non-venomous" herps that our currently legal animals may suddenly be lumped arbitrarily into the out-dated "venomous" catagory, putting us in violation of the law.

On the other hand, since this research has destroyed the venom distinction between the legal and illegal species it could be argued that the such laws are invalid unless they go on to define the term "venomous", sort of the way Jeff has above. Without that definition the term itself is antiquated and essentially meaningless making the law unenforceable even in cases of potentially lethal species. In other words this research may actually benefit us in that it should, by making the old laws unenforceable, creating a sort of legal vacuum. Hopefully this will encourage lawmakers to seek the facts so they can make new laws that are up to date with current scientific knowledge of snakes and venom.
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