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I'm actually pointing out other hobbies that have potential for danger. Snowmobiles are potentially dangerous as are large constrictors and hots. The difference is that you can just licence your sled, or even your gun for the love of God. But snce more people are into snowmobiling and hunting than keeping potentially dangerous species of snakes guess who doesn't even get an opportunity to act responsibly?

That is why I said that growing the market for snakes is the best and maybe only way to keep the stupid laws away. Cars, smokes, guns, booze, all these things kill way more people than snakes ever will but there is too big a market for them to just outlaw them, you can only hope to regulate their use and hope no one gets hurt. The same thing would happen if enough people had enough snakes. Thishobby will become a less attractive target politically the more money it generates and that would be true even if snakes were as dangerous as those things I mentioned that are legal now, which of course they aren't. How many times have you heard of a guy getting drunk and killing his wife with a cobra? lol!
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