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I went back and read up on the last 4 pages of that thread. The first few pages, to me, were respectable enough and helpful enough for a common person to understand and catch the drift. After a while, it seemed to me that the thread starter was just not wanting to understand and not realizing the seriousness of what folks had to say. Honestly, no matter what that as out of our hands as people to help him out.

A few folks did seem to get haist, but was also after some very disturbing comments made by that person. As for a couple TOS rules over stepped, I saw nothing all that wrong. A person will only take in what they want, and to me it seemed 99% just.

I used to be in Muay Thai, if anyone knows what that is. I went to Fairtex for a while, and the instructors there were very hard on us as students. To me it creates a bit of urgency to respond as serious or not. That is what I saw go on there. Either take it or leave it. No one HAS to be me that invites folks to remain in a state of stupor. "It is OK for me to be dumb, as I see folks are just OK with me that way." Heck no. Wise up or take the heat. For a staement though, we did start off as respectable and trying to pass our suggestions. After a while it was just a way to say hey, "You are not intelligent enough to do this"...and I whole-heartedly agree.
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