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I can sorta see what you mean, this could be twisted out of context to mean all snakes are deadlly, venomous creatures. It would take some ignorant politician to take it up as a cause though for it to drive herp keeping in Canada underground. We already have some dumbass local bylaws in nearly every city in the country that limit the size of our collections and which totally benign species we can keep, and you can point to that and things like this article or the odd one in the newspaper as reason to panic but I honestly think it's as bad as it's gonna get already. I said the same thing when there was someone panicking about so-called "guardianship" laws, it would suck if that happened but I don't have any reason to believe that it will.

The reason I don't think we need to panic is that it seems the hobby is getting progressively more popular, maybe I'm wrong about that, I can't back that up statistically but it looks that way to me. I figure the more popular herping gets the less likely someone will want to stop it. It has become an industry and if anything the governments of this country ought to support that. Why persecute someone for running a profitable livestock based enterprise? Lots of people have a problem with the beef and poultry industries but there is too much money in it now, too many stake holders to stop it, no matter how many good reasons there are to do so. Look at the fossil fuel industry for another example of that, tons of reasons why we should stop it for the sake of the human race itself but there is too much money in it.

I guess my point is that it does us no good to fret over every little thing that is bad PR for the herpers or the herps themselves. Some snakes ARE dangerous, some keepers ARE idiots and that will always be the case but what we should do is just stay the course we're on. We should all be safe and responsible keepers so it isn't us that is to blame for bad publicity and we should keep investing in the industry. Buy and sell enough snakes and the market grows. The bigger the market gets the more influencial it becomes and that's what we should be doing, growing the industry because it will give us the influence to maybe divert some attention back to those who own other potentially dangerous things like pit bulls and snowmobiles. I don't advocate picking on those people either but better them than us I figure. I hate that we have to attack this problem in a "dollar democracy" sort of way but as many people who have checked out their local bylaws have found out, logic and reason don't always win the debate.
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