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If you are considering breeding even corns, two enclosures just won't cut it! lol.

For one both parents should be housed seperatly. During breeding you place them together and copulation usually takes place right away, but housing together year round is NOT the best idea.

Anyways, aside from the parents enclosures you'll need small (deli cups or rubbermaids) to house each hatchling in until you can sell them. Let me tell you, it could take months and I have only breed corns once. I ended up selling most off to pet stores and definitly was no where NEAR making a dime. hahaha that's a joke. But anyways you have to plan for babies that you cannot get rid of, corns grow fast and each will need an enclosure plus heat.

The biggest factor I think if you want to breed your corns is get pinkies. TONS of pinkies. Your female may lay 8 eggs, then again she may be like mine and give you 33 eggs, almost all fertile! lol. that is like a pinky garbage disposial. They eat tons.

Anyways like everyone mentioned try and just enjoy the hobby, if you want to breed stick with what you like. I am a HUGE colubrid/mainly kingsnake fan and any snakes I breed the money goes right back into kingsnakes, they may not be worth much but they are my favs and you will enjoy the hard work more if its for something you love.

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