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Originally posted by Vanan
As for using a "vulnerable" snake, it was recommended to him by someone. He didn't just come up with it.
I think I should interject here, because I believe this specific misunderstanding to be my doing; however, I didn't use the word "vulnerable."
This is a common recommendation for someone who is interested in working with hots and it makes a lot of sense. Working with a spastic colubrid will give you an idea that you can never really be in complete control of the situation but you can work towards tipping the scales in your favour.
When I suggested mock-milking, I certainly did not intend for him to cause the snake any undue abuse, rather, he should attempt to gently and carefully retrieve and restrain the snake and act as if he was in the process of performing an extraction (that is, trying to handle the snake without being bitten). The scenario is mainly to teach the prospective keeper the dangers of routine maintenance as well as proper restrainment with a snake that is likely to strike. Imagine taking all the precautions and doing everything correctly and getting tagged by the harmless snake, usually that is all that is required to convince the keeper that maybe it isn't a good idea to replace that harmless colubrid with a lethal serpent.
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