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I hope this is not a threat to the future of herping...

I just read this article about our friend Dr. Bryan Fry. While I'm proud to be acquainted with someone who is truly on the cutting edge of reptile research, I have serious concerns about the way the press is presenting his findings. Here's the article:

It contains absolutely nothing that we have never read before here, but please read it and tell me what you think - then re-read it pretending you hate reptiles and want to get even the common ratsnake banned. See if you get the same sick feeling that I get.

OBVIOUSLY, Dr. Fry cannot abandon science just because someone might use it as fuel to get herps banned - the research and the findings are as important to our understanding of reptiles as ANY other research. It just has me worried, that's all. We as herpers are going to have to become that much more active with educating people than ever before to be allowed to keep our beloved creatures.

Either that or, this will become a strictly underground hobby.
- Ken LePage
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