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he still acted dumb continuing to try to find someone who would teach him certain things,
So you're saying that it is wrong in mentoring with an experience hot keeper? Was what he was trying to do really wrong? Maybe he should have asked about how to keep hots FIRST but he did still say he wanted to learn.

As for using a "vulnerable" snake, it was recommended to him by someone. He didn't just come up with it.

If it sounds like I'm on his side, in a way, yes! I'd much rather stay close and follow along and make sure nothing goes wrong than just shun him and leave him to his own devices. We all know that would be detrimental.

I did not wish to get into any further arguement but just wanted to bring up the above points.

Besides, one of the reasons I have disrespect for some hot keepers is that they don't practise what they preach. Quick to prevent anyone else from keeping hots but what makes em special that only THEY can. This is not a personal attack on any particular hot keeper or hot keepers in general. Just some of the stupid ones I've come across.
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