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Hi Nicky! I'm one of the old timers on here. I'll soon be celebrating a quarter century(25yrs) of breeding reptiles(with no years off)

It started as a hobby, and became a business. It's still basically a hobby . I have a full time career in electronics. There's alot to be said for a regular paycheque.
People that start from scratch trying to make a business out of herp breeding always fail.
Keep the animals because you like them. If you do well with them, you will start to breed them. Take it a step at a time but plan to do something else to keep food on the table and a roof over your head.
There are very few full time breeders in Canada ,making their livelihood exclusively from Herp breeding . Most of us still have jobs, or other sources of revenue. The market here is still small, and running a big busines in herps means international shipping and marketing and that requires alot of work and expense and paperwork. International competition is also getting stiffer all the time, as more and more breeders take a piece of the pie.
It's not impossible to aspire to be a full time breeder, but it won't be easy and there are easier ways to make a living.
Start small, and think BIG, but have something to fall back on!!

The easiest herps to start breeding are colubrids(ratsnakes and kingsnakes) and geckos( leopards, fat tails, etc.)
Some Boids are also fairly easy.. Balls, Spotteds pythons, various boas etc.
Get yourself some cornsnakes as a first breeding project.
Don't expect to make much on them though. That market is pretty flooded these days.
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