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I've found this highly amusing on both sides.

Alex is ESL, Russian if I believe. Vanan and I have both met him. Seemed a decent sort, except for the atrocious spelling, but then, I'm sure if I tried to spell Russian, I'd look like a three year old too.

Now as for Alex. Unfotunately, your herp experience is just FAR too below what you will need to deal with hots. Also, you do and will need the Canadian herp community for support, advice and just plain ole networking. B/c the herp biz is under SERIOUS scrutiny from "those who oppose us" we must be very strict in our self regulations. Your manner of approach appears to hot headed, and NO ONE who wants to work with venomous (not poisonous, two different terms), should be a hot head. Understand, that these peole just want to protect their community, their livelihood, and their hobby.

As for the rest of you. Education never comes from insulting the person you want to teach anything; all you bring on is self defensive behaviour.

Let's all grow up a little and try to show ourselves for what we are. Adults. Alex needs to learn, let's teach him.
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