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Originally posted by AlexPan
GONESNAKEE Just because you hate me for some reason i AM NOT GONA TAKE UR PIC OF MY SITE. Further more, when i aquired that pic and checked youre website, it did NON sayd that no COPY WRIGHTING!! There for you got no legal wrights against me! As for This discussion today o saw what kind of most of people you really are there for good buy i'm leving this forums But just know this NO MATTER WHAT U DO I WILL GET A VENOMOUS SNAKE ONES I'M MORE EXPERIANCED! However i will keep my website in here just to piss Gonesnake off cause for some reason you were born to:
Live, Wark, and bull shet!
Unlike me i was born to help the nature and WHAT EVER it takes no matter WHAT OTHERS THINK i will do what i came on this planet to do!
Unless Gonesnakee you wana apolagise, gess what youre pic will be on my site for ever MUAHAHAHA!!!
HAHAAHHH you just screwed yourself right there man. You just said it is his pic so HAHAHAH go get him Mark.

And most of us people here at least have a clue of what is going on, unlike you. Trust me it will be no great loss losing you off of these forums man.

Good luck with your milking snakes. HAHAHAHAHAH
[10:12pm]@ [Matt] he's all up in there like swimwear.
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