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I don't need to know you, AlexPan, I know your TYPE. And you know what? So far, it has been SO much fun watching you dig your own grave, and I mean that both literally AND figuratively. Oh, sorry..... big words. Let me sum it up for you.

1) You come on to this forum and immediately begin spamming the classified section looking for adult Cal Kings. You even posted a few ads in the LIZARDS section for this!

2) Your website is advertising snakes for sale that you don't even have a breedable pair of yet,

3) Your website has a ripped off image from a friend of mine, who is also a RESPECTED breeder who has earned his place in this community,

4) You have the spelling and grammar of a 3 year old,

5) When confronted, you resort to idle threats. By the way, I'd like to add that I was getting into fights daily and scrapping my way through this world when you were still sucking on a bottle and smearing your own crap on the wall. (You know, like a year or so ago.) So please try to imagine how hard I laughed when I read your threat.

Well, let me inform you of something. The herp community is smaller than you think, and reputations travel fast. Do you think we're all trying to verbally slap some sense into you because we like it? Because we're bored? NO! Because we know what you are getting yourself into, and you apparently don't. We DO NOT want you to get killed over your stupid dream, but you're GOING to. It's a shame that there's nothing we can do to stop you. So go ahead and get yourself killed. I'll nominate you for a Darwin award.

pathetic. That's all I can say.
- Ken LePage
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