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GONESNAKEE Just because you hate me for some reason i AM NOT GONA TAKE UR PIC OF MY SITE. Further more, when i aquired that pic and checked youre website, it did NON sayd that no COPY WRIGHTING!! There for you got no legal wrights against me! As for This discussion today o saw what kind of most of people you really are there for good buy i'm leving this forums But just know this NO MATTER WHAT U DO I WILL GET A VENOMOUS SNAKE ONES I'M MORE EXPERIANCED! However i will keep my website in here just to piss Gonesnake off cause for some reason you were born to:
Live, Wark, and bull shet!
Unlike me i was born to help the nature and WHAT EVER it takes no matter WHAT OTHERS THINK i will do what i came on this planet to do!
Unless Gonesnakee you wana apolagise, gess what youre pic will be on my site for ever MUAHAHAHA!!!
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