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2 words to describe AlexPan "FUTURE STATISTIC".
Also Alex I have changed my mind in reguards to my picture of my snakes you posted on your website without my consent or knowledge. I expect to see it/them removed A.S.A.P. or I will consider legal action. I don't take too kindly to the general attitude presented by yourself when I contacted you about it or the same attitude presented here. I have posted in the inquiry section & will let anyone who cares to reply what I think of you so far. Not that you don't represent that yourself here. For someone with as much passion for getting into Herps as yourself you are burning lots of bridges right off the bat. Any luck selling/trading those baby kings that are to be produced once you even aquire a sexed pair? LOL Get a grip Mark I.
P.S. The pic I'm reffering to is of my Banded CK's breeding that is posted on his site. he asked me about baby CKs via email on 3 seperate occassions & took the liberty to use photos I sent him so he could see the "stock" to promote his "cause". He also had my friend from Quebec contact me a 4th time about the same CKs. I guess the first 3 answers I gave him were not suffient. Maybe 17 in age, but not attitude. NUFF SAID before I start slandering.
P.P.S. Invictus is a friend of mine & I don't take kindly to idle threats made to myself or my friends!
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