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Originally posted by AlexPan
Soul Reaper you should act more like Dozer and not say youre childish comments about some 1 u never meat!
Maybe you should grow up and start listening to those who mean to help you out. And if you don't, i would be more than glad to laugh at your misfortune when something really bad happens. Seriously.

And since i'm on the run here i'll also prove Dozer wrong. He pretty much said that the amount of experience one can have is absolutely irrelevant.

So picture this:

On one hand you have a 17 year old kid who has NEVER handled a hot snake before, who probably has never even handled anything more than a corn snake. This kid is about to handle a Black Mamba, or a 15ft long King Cobra.

On the other hand you have the experienced keeper. Someone who has been dealing with Poisonous animals for years, who has learned everything possible about the animal by trial and error. This person has handled hundreds of snakes before and knows how to read the snakes movements and reactions. This Experienced keeper is about to handle a Black Mamba, or a 15ft long King Cobra.

Now here's the one million dollar question: Who is more likely to get bitten and killed? The answer is quite obvious.

You can both try to prove me or anyone else here wrong (i don't think i'm alone on this one). But i rest my case.
"Your heart understands what your head cannot yet conceive; trust your heart."

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