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Originally posted by AlexPan
Firstable Invictus DON'T U EVER DARE TO SPEACK TO ME THIS WAY AS I WERE A 5 YEAR OLD BOY!!!!!!!! yOU BETTER CHANGE YOURE WAYS OR ALS I'L HAVE TO TAKE EXTREAM MESURES!! Obviously we are very different people and obviously you have no idea what kind of person i am! So unless you got something good and usfull to say plz STF! I really hate people like you discouraging others! Just know this... in 2 years when i'm gona be milking snakes you will be the first on my first list of the people who did not believe in me.

BoidKeeper I am well aware of the laws in Canada BC and it clearly stater that ANY anymal which is not native in this region is illigal. Following this i will not answer any more quistions relating laws in Canada.
I have 3 very interesting points to state here kid:

First of all: Invictus did have something VERY usefull to say, just like 30 other people before him who all said the same thing: DON'T DO IT.

Second: You DO sound like a 5 year old spoiled brat.

Third but not least: In 2 years Invictus will probably be nodding his head in discontent after he reads the news on some newspaper, saying that some stupid kid from Canada got bit by a venomous reptile and got seriously injured/killed.

And the sad thing about all this is......the animals will be the ones who will suffer the most. It is very clear that you do not have what it takes to take care of them, therefore...they suffer at your expense.

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