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.......this is getting no where...

it is very nice that you want to learn a lot of things. About probing and milking. Probing is easy. There are lots of herps in BC that can help you with that. If you don't want to do a little search on probing. That's fine. Get an experienced person to show you.

But for milking. It's not something easy. It hurts the animal, it has a very high potential of killing you, and there is no need for it. You are starting in a good deed. You want to make antivenoum and do good to the society. That's good. But first of all if you want to do a good deed, reconsider and rethink. Think of what all of us herpers (or snake keepers) would be in if you were realy to be killed by a venomous snake? You'll be on the news everywhere! The government is not going have a clue on what a king snake's different from a venomous snake. So instead of researching they band all the herps in the society. That way it's going to affect all of us. So infact you're not doing us any good at all.

As a lot of people have asked you already.
Do you already have a person or organization that is willing to take the venom off you once you milked it? If not what are you going to do with the venom? Just leave it there and be proud of yourself?

Also getting a very aggressive snake and training like that is one thing. It might prepare you physically. But I tell will not prepare you in any way mentally. You'll know that the snake is not venomous. Getting a bite from it will not kill you. You'll mentally not treat it the way that you treat a venomous snake. So basically there is no way that it will prepare you in getting a very agressive snake. Maybe getting a 30 feet snake that is very agressive might help....(j/k...don't do I have stated'll affect all of us here)

So just rethink of everything.
Do tons of research
Think of what snake you want to work with (every species is different) so we react to them differently too. ie...the way you treat a western hognose ( and a black mamba is somewhat quite different...I hope...

Just do tons of research, listen to what some of us tells you (you're here to learn right...we're not bashing you!), and RETHINK of what you're doing and what might happen to the society and your life. You're parents might let you keep snake but they might not have the knowledge in what you're keeping is venomous and can kill you...even worse...if the snake gets out...can kill them and the neighbour....just rethink...for the sake of all of us!
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