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I honestly hope this is a trolling incident, because I dread to think that someone this freakin' stupid is entering the herp community. I guess we can just kiss all of our herps goodbye after AlexPan gets himself killed by a hot, and his parents go on a crusade to ban ALL snakes.

AlexPan, assuming you're not a troll and you actually are as stupid as you are portraying yourself here, you SERIOUSLY need to WAKE THE HELL UP. You think in 2 years you're going to be ready for a venomous snake? You're going to be DEAD in 2 years from a sakebite if that's what you think. No venomous snake owner in the world is going to teach you how to milk venomous snakes, so just give it up. And if someone ever sells you one of these snakes, I want to know who it is so I can get them shut down permanently.
- Ken LePage
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