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Helpful people like us tend to be more interested in helping those who help themselves. If you can't spare 2 minutes to try a web search, than why should we be wasting our time on this???

However, I will waste another couple of minutes.

1) Nerodia sipedon- common water snake. Native to Canada in Ontario and Quebec and illegal to collect in both. You might be able to convince a BC pet shop to import a US specimen. They're all WC, cost about $10, and are almost always in terrible condition. Most die within six months without a lot of care. There are better choices out there for 'nasty, bite you whenever they get a chance' snakes.

2) To make antivenin (and this is a gross oversimplification)- first, invest a big pile of money in a horse or sheep farm. In southern BC, I'd guess you need at least $400000 but that's just a guess. Then put another ~$200000 into a lab and the equipment needed to a) milk the snakes in a sterile environment, b) process the horse/sheep blood plasma to get the anti-bodies. Then, get some snakes, milk them, inject the venom into the horses, and wait a little while. Do this in accordance with all animal care guidelines. Eventually extract and process some blood as required. Then, seek FDA approval in the US (and get Canadian approval too, but since we have less than a dozen bites annually, you'll need access to the US market). I'd ballpark the FDA approval process at ~$200000 and several years. If you start now, by the time you're 30 you may just be able to start selling antivenin, and you can start paying off the million dollar plus (those horses have to be fed, you know) loans you've somehow managed to obtain. This assumes that you're still alive- if the snakes haven't killed you the horses probably will:-)

Smarten up, and stop bothering us about this. I hate to be a dreamkiller, but you're beginning to annoy me, and that takes some doing!

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