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you've been on this site for atleast 1/2 an hour today....
it only takes 20 seconds to type in probing/sexing snakes and have a gazillion pages pop up, same goes for any search.

Perhaps we lost you a few posts back, but i have the feeling we never had you from the get-go.

and a little bit of advice...
most ppl on this site are very receptive towards young kids wanting to expand there knowledge on different topics concerning reptiles....however, you must approach it with atleast 5% common sense for us to take you somewhat serious...

So far, your in and around a -10% with me.
Go read through the hundreds of posts in the venemous forum, for starters.....
then feel free to ask the same question there that you have asked here....
believe me...were being angels compared to those monsters!! LOL
Grant van Gameren
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