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What reason have you given anyone to help teach you to milk venmous snakes? First off owning a cal king for 6 year and thinking you can jump into milking hots is the equivalent of me saying I owned a cat so I will jump into a pit of tigers. Its ridiculous! Second as Jeff already said there is no need for it in Canada. Third, since your 17 I'm guessing you live with your parents, have you asked them about brining venmous snakes into THEIR house? Fourth lets just say no one helps you and you ignore all this GOOD advice, and you get a venmous animal. If you dont have time to reseach or read about snakes milking etc. how are you going to have time to care for these animals let alone TRY and milk them?

I find your post disturbing, and you are an accident waiting to happen! Think about it, cal king then on to venmous does that sound even the least bit logical? You indangering yourself and if you dont realize that, then this is a lost cause.

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