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No i do not own a venomous book, and i'm verry buissy warking, school, and my snakes so i got no time to serch. Thats why i asked you guys to help me.
See fella, that is where we are coming from. Not to bruise your ego, but dude.....

It takes a LOT of time, energy, careful planning, safety precautions and smarts to even care for ONE venomous snake. If you have not even one of these, it is a grave mistake to take up venomous collecting. Also, you need time to study. It took me many years to understand even one species of interest.

I can only work with native snakes here in AZ. I have been dealing with them a lot growing up, so I got a 'head start' naturally, but still did not seriously collect untill recently. I have been rescueing and removing and dealing with snakes in the wild for years. It was not something I could ever learn buy paying for a few 'classes' to cram as though I was studying for a math test. DUDE...when we say it is serious, we mean it is serious. You really and trully should take the time to read books, study natural history on species and fully understand everything and anything related to the subject. We come off hard on you because we do understand what takes place. You just need to understand that. Seriosly concider finding the time, or honestly loose the idea of ever getting that far into collecting.
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