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Originally posted by Grant vg
when you were a child, did you jump into the deep end before learning how to swim? probably not....
So why would you want to do it with something that can potentially kill you.

heh heh. I did. didn't realize that you had to learn how to swim first.

AlexPan: you shouldn't play with venom until you learn how to spell it and antivenom.

As for making antivenom do you have any idea how it's made and what technology is involved? You talk about self envenomating, do you have any idea what the risks are? Have you even consulted a doctor on your plans to self envenomate? I also suggest consulting a shrink in your case.

No responsible hot keeper will give you access to their snakes for the purpose of envenomating yourself, it's just too risky for the hobby. If you want to self envenomate buy your self a snake and go from there on your own but first make your will out leaving all your valubles to me.
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