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Get over it while your still breathing.
You sound like your fiending for experience and knowledge.
So tackle the little stuff first...

For example, run a search on Nerodia sipedon and find out about them.
then run a search on probing snakes and you might just come up with what your looking for, and you might learn that that "stick" is actually called a "probe". and that the size of the probe all depends on the size of the snake and ventral opening...

if you cant find anything on google, ill send you a great link.
But no herpetologist or scientist ever got through things without researching for himself.

when you were a child, did you jump into the deep end before learning how to swim? probably not....
So why would you want to do it with something that can potentially kill you.

do you even own a venemous book?
Grant van Gameren
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