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Months ago I found a gentleman who takes a picture that you provide, enlarges it to the dimensions that you ask for, and imbeds it on a sheet of oak, coats it, and makes a jigsaw puzzle out of it. "Our" puzzle was 8x12 and had 87 curly-que pieces. There is one piece of the puzzle that says whatever you want it to (usually "Will you marry me"). Tania put the puzzle together in a record-breaking 55 minutes and was looking frantically for the last piece, which I had in my pocket. I gave her the last piece, as she put it in the puzzle and read it, I whipped out the ring and when she turned around to me, I popped the question. I chose the puzzle because in 50 years (hahahaha!) when we're old and grey, we'll have a wonderful memory hanging over the mantle in the Den for all to see, along with a great story to tell about how Grandma and Grandpa got engaged.
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