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Thanks guys for all youre helpfull help but i have ti dissagree with some of youre points... in jeneral u say that why to extract vanom from a snake if i'm not gona use it?.. well firstable i do not recall saying i did not wana use it, also first i think i'l need to learn how to milk snakes before i'l even need to know how to make untivenom. How big does that "four foot nerodia sipideon snake" grow? Plass you guys must not forget that befor starting milking snakes there is 1 step which make it a lot safer which is, Get a monthly dose of extremly small proportions of venom in youre blood system so that youre body will have a strong immune system if you do get bitten, and increase the dose little by little in time.
"Chas*e" u said "watch TV" well, by the time i will get all of the specific info from TV i'l be like 90years old lolz.
Can you guys describe how to prob a snake in step by step including the size of a "stick" cause i looked every where and cant seem to find any 1 who can show me who lives in my area?
As for mouving to another country thats a little steep cause i can just ship the untivenom.
Thanks all.
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