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A couple reasons why this will not work out for you (regarding venom extraction):
a) Venom extractors understand all the inherent dangers of venom extraction and have coupled this understanding with years of experience,
b) With this experience has come responsibility,
c) A responsible venom extractor is not going to teach a 17 year old a craft that is life-threatening.

Also, what do you plan on doing with the extracted venom? Unless you have some roaming equines to inject it into and a means to collect the antibodies and synthesize your own antivenin you will have no need for this knowledge.
I don't think private labs will purchase it off of a "credential-less" individual, and more to the point, I don't think there is much of a market in Canada (serpent envenomation causing death has yet to reach epidemic proportions in Canada).
This post just makes me extremely nervous (coming on a public forum and offering money to have someone show you how to milk a venomous animal as your first step in the learning process).
I do not wish to dissuade you from this very subtle science (and exact art), however, I believe you may be going about it the wrong way.
Continue trying to learn about this as much as you can; read books, go to school and develop a reason to justify your "need".
Maybe incorporate some nasty colubrids into your collection and work with them daily and perform mock-milking practices while trying to avoid being bitten (and every time you are bit, make a mental not (better yet, a physical note) that you may have been killed had the animal been venomous). I think this may be your best teacher, as paying someone to show you isn't going to teach you anything more than watching Jim Harrison do it on RealTV.
Good luck to you.


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