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Ah yes, your typical long thread. The original topic is a fairly insignifcant argument that has since been twisted, blown out of proportion and taken out of context so much that no one remembers what it was about.

As always some people have become way too upset over something that is of little to no consequence and on the other side of that is the people that say things along the lines of "if you don't like ______ then don't come to this site".

Then there's the Bandwidth Preserver on patrol, defending bandwidth space for only the most worthy, most strictly herp relate posts and looking out as always for the poor Mods even if they have volunteered to monitor a forum that is set aside specifically for off topic conversation. Are those freckles or is your nose turning brown?

I'm surprised that no one has just set the site's software to automatically kill any thread that goes past 4 pages because by that time they've invariably degenerated into this same sort of nonsense. Yeah, bad writing is irritating to read but so are repetitious debates. Seems as though the subjects that are debated in this way are interchangable, even the participants are the same. Watch long enough and you'll know what certain people will say before they do.

The english language is great because it is so flexible and constantly evolving, new words are created all the time and some eventually make it into everyday conversation. The abbreviations we see exclusively online but all understand (IMO, BTW, BRB) are things we could consider part of that evolving common language. There is a difference between that evolution and the new words that become absorbed by the language and just plain butchering the language itself. The examples where numbers are used in place of words are simillar to the use of "yous" in conversation. "Are yous comin over this weekend?" It's not an abbreviation, it's just plain incorrect, and while using these things may not actually mean you are unintelligent they certainly make you look that way. As always though we're all free to make ourselves look as dumb as we like. What else is the internet for other than broadcasting to the world how dumb and/or perverted we are?
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