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It's been a pain the whole way though.

It's not my puter but it's the one i use all the time. I told them back in september that they needed to renew nortons and they didn't listen to me. So they ended up with a virus. Then i couldn't do the boot disk cause their floppy drive was out (They just got a new one Sat.) Now i'm going to be doing the boot disk (thanks for the site BTW). They also download from Kaaza (which i advised against it (thats where they got the virus from) Then i told them about kaaza lite (but they didn't listen to me). I also have a router that has a firewall and a program for a firewall that came with a spyblocker program they bought. Anyway, this has been a great week for me and hopefully it will be over soon. Thanks for your help if i have anything else to ask i'll try to get to a pc to ask.
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