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I don't know, Sunrunner....I could make an argument for the #1 fan I have read the books too many times to remember and stuff like The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales and some of the H.O.M.E serries quite a few times as well.

Thanks Beth....I have checked that page every day for the last two's pretty cool. A really good fan site is I've been checking that one for more than three years.

The movie does open tomorrow but they are showing "Trillogy Tuesday" today. They will show the Extended Editions of both FOTR & TT...followed by Return of the about midnight.

I tried to get tickets to just the midnight showing (I have seen those EE countless times) but Aliance Atlantis told me that they are not showing ROTK in a midnight showing by itself. Although I'm sure that it is happening somewhere.

So I will have to wait until tomorrow at 8:00...I've had my tickets for weeks now...
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