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I am with Zoe on this one.

I do understand the fact that some people may not be very well educated for a number of reasons, therefore spelling becomes a problem. But it is very easy to pinpoint who doesn't spell right because of a lack of education and those who don't spell right because they are lazy. I absolutely hate net-talk.

Originally posted by Zoe
"hi thre i hvea problme wit me bp he wont eat i dunt no what 2 do nemore iv etrid 4 4 weks but stil he jst lookz then goze away plz smbdy help me out o he livs in a 20glng hes on newsppr n he has a hidebo xand a waterdish plz help im rwally confuzed."
I mean look at this monstrosity, it is clear that this person spells like this not because he doesn't know any better, the person only spells like this because of lazyness. All those abreviations and lack of punctuation are just impossible to read.

People say that this thread is wasting bandwidth (WOW! And the "3 word game" was so goddamn informative now wasn't it?), but in all truth those kind of posts are the ones who come around a lot more often, and those are the ones that 90% of the people here don't even finish reading just to avoid a headache. Therefore, bandwidth is wasted by people trying to figure out hieroglyphs similar to the one quoted above.

I am not being critical to the ones who in all truth cannot spell, by all means, i make a lot of mistakes too but that's ok...everyone does, i'm no grammar teacher. But people who completely ignore punctuation and abreviate EVERY SINGLE word possible on purpose, those annoy the F#%$ out of me.

Stop being lazy. If you want other people's help at least take your time to write something coherent and legible, and i am absolutely sure that you will get all the help you need.
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