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so there still gonna kick u out man i'd go talk to the principle if this teachers being suhc an ******* ya now to think of it 2we had subbly like that she was being a b*tch yelling at us cuz we were trying to tell her what the work was and she thought it was wrong some ppl acted up anyways afterwards i went up to her and told her the schedual that we always do and she yelled at me and then my friend asked to go to the bathroom cuz he was reakllly sick today and then she told him no so he got so sick ( throwing up) when he got back she hit him over the head then we all just got up and strated yelling at her about what the hell was that for and she told us all the shut the f*ck up and sit down anyways in the end i ended up telling her to f*ck off and left class 10 mins early with everyone and went to complain to the principle haven;t seen her since anyways sry got off topic you should go talk to your principle or something.
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