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Ok I have been here almost 2 yrs and I have seen some bad posts but never to that extent and please tell me why it is that we should have to please you all with our spelling anyways I am just cuious what is it your buisness anyway if we have proper grammer?
Because we're the ones who have to read it?
I've seen posts that bad, or worse. Not often, but once a blue moon a completely illegible post will appear and I need to ask the posted to reiterate because I cannot understand. Here is a REAL example:
had my snake a month and he ate well then he shed he was in his hide most thetime getting ready to shd then when he did got real hyper five hours after he shed i fed him always have to feed him in his hide but he rarely comes out now not like before that was 8 days ago fed him again yesterday and he didnt come out all day then or today until i came home and found him on his branch he goes to his hide as soon as he sees me though and usualy im the only one that can bother him
I'm sure the guy can write with SOME sense and punctuation - it was rude of him not to use any, as a matter of fact. How are we supposed to help if we can't understand.

And to all those who like to criticize people for spelling mistakes when posts are perfectly readable.
AGAIN, I'm not criticising people for little mistakes! I'm criticising those who write illegible posts because they are too lazy to punctuate, use real words, or correct major typos.
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